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Gitmo Will Be Closing

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Barack Obama has announced that he will shut down the base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I didn’t vote for him, but I absolutely support him on this issue. From “Caffeinated Politics”: “It is essential with President Bush gone from the White House that we start to again nurture respect for American leadership around the world. Barack Obama as leader of the world’s superpower, can start to move in that direction by putting in place the process to close Guantanamo. It has rightfully earned us the scorn and anger from the world community.”

When the War on Terror commenced, Bush had plans for Gitmo, and they weren’t good.  He needed somewhere to keep terror suspects where US law wouldn’t interfere with what “had” to be done.  And of course we know how things ended up.  Nobody has rights, nobody has a chance to confront their accuser, and the prisoners there can be held indefinitely without even being tried in any kind of court.  It’s a good thing that Obama will be ending this.  He even said one of the reasons he is doing it is because what we are doing there doesn’t follow the Constitution.  That’s a rare thing to hear from a politician these days (except of course from Ron Paul).  My question is this:  he’s  stopping the unconstitutional goings on at Gitmo, so when will he be phasing out the Federal Reserve so that we may once again have a Constitutional unit of currency that is either silver or gold and cannot be devalued?  When will he be bringing all the troops home from our unconstitutional wars?  When will he be phasing out Social Security, Medicare, and Welfare?  I’m not holding my breath.  You see, Obama is closing Gitmo because his voting base wants it closed.  They’ll love him for it, and they know it’ll tick off the conservatives.  Obama cares not a wit about whether or not the Constitution is followed, and in that regard, he will be the same as Bush.


In Lincoln’s Image

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Illinois is famous for its corrupt politicians; we need look no further than the current headlines pertaining to their governor.  And God help us all, Obama is from Illinois.  Of course, he could surprise us all and be the most honest and forthright president we’ve ever had, but that’s not likely.  Obama has surrounded himself with Clintonites, some of which already have their hands dirty from the massacre in Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing coverup.  Obama is also a socialist and an outspoken advocate for a strong central government.  Both of these ideals require corruption, due to the fact that the Constitution is preventative of socialism and a strong central government.  While comparisons have been made between Obama and FDR, Obama himself has been far more willing to invite comparisons of himself and Lincoln.  This is quite disturbing, because Lincoln was perhaps the most glaring example of how NOT to operate as president.  Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, engaged the South without a war declaration, jailed the Maryland legislature, shut down newspapers in the North that were critical of his war, conscripted soldiers, opposed a constitutional amendment that would have ended slavery, and crafted the Emancipation Proclamation in such a way that it would not free a single slave.  Yet the myth of Lincoln as “Honest Abe” persists, even in the face of the facts.  Likewise, the myth of Obama has glossed over the dull cow eyes of those who voted for him.  He received their worship and praise even though the man hardly had a record, and we barely knew anything about him.  Has has been truly cast in Lincoln’s image, and surely we will erect a monument to him even after he has put us through whatever acts of tyranny he is surely already contemplating.  Remember, the government controls what is put in the textbooks, and even though we’ll know the truth at the present time, history can be whitewashed with alarming efficiency.