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The Market Wants to Get Rid of the UAW

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In the past, unions served a high purpose. If no one would take care of the workers, the workers had to take care of themselves, and they did. But then the government got involved and took some freedom of choice away from employers. In effect, the government severely hampered how well the employers were able to negotiate. So now we’ve got a monster called the United Auto Workers (UAW). The average wage of someone who belongs to the UAW is about $25 more per hour than someone working for Honda, Nissan, or Toyota. That’s a huge difference, and that’s the main problem of the Big Three auto makers. They have to compete against higher quality cars that are made even cheaper than the crap they send down the line, and they have to keep their retail prices in the same ballpark as the imports. But if they do that, and they DO do that, that means they LOSE money on just about every vehicle they sell. It’s simple math. If you spend on average $25 more per worker per hour, you will not make a profit by pricing your product at the same level as the competition. It’s time to let employers decide what to pay their workers and when to fire them. With the impending failure of the Big Three, the market is telling us that the UAW needs to go, or at least it needs to reevaluate its priorities: have a job, or get paid gobs of money and then have no job. It’s their choice.


Bush Abandons Free Market to Save Free Market

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That’s right folks, we have another Bushism on our hands.  It seems the old boy is getting a little more dim witted as his last few days in office fly by.  Big Dog makes a great observation about this:

“President Bush says that he abandoned free market principles to save the economy. He is only partly right. Free market principles were abandoned a long time ago. He is only doing more of the same of what has been going on and it will not help one bit. George Bush is using Socialism to try and fix a free market system when Socialism caused the problem.”

I agree wholeheartedly.  For over 150 years, there has been an unholy alliance of government and business.  Jefferson’s dream of laisse faire pretty much died with him I think.  Mercantilism took its place, and when Socialism became fashionable FDR gladly steered us in that direction.  Now we’ve got Mercantilism AND Socialism.  This recession we’re in now is the free market trying to reassert itself, and it WILL win eventually.  All Bush can do with his Socialism is put off the inevitable and make it worse.  The free market tells you which car companies should be open for business, it tells you which banks or investment firms are sound, and it tells you what real money is.  All we need to do is listen to the free market, and we can return to an economy of real prosperity.