Bush Abandons Free Market to Save Free Market

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That’s right folks, we have another Bushism on our hands.  It seems the old boy is getting a little more dim witted as his last few days in office fly by.  Big Dog makes a great observation about this:

“President Bush says that he abandoned free market principles to save the economy. He is only partly right. Free market principles were abandoned a long time ago. He is only doing more of the same of what has been going on and it will not help one bit. George Bush is using Socialism to try and fix a free market system when Socialism caused the problem.”

I agree wholeheartedly.  For over 150 years, there has been an unholy alliance of government and business.  Jefferson’s dream of laisse faire pretty much died with him I think.  Mercantilism took its place, and when Socialism became fashionable FDR gladly steered us in that direction.  Now we’ve got Mercantilism AND Socialism.  This recession we’re in now is the free market trying to reassert itself, and it WILL win eventually.  All Bush can do with his Socialism is put off the inevitable and make it worse.  The free market tells you which car companies should be open for business, it tells you which banks or investment firms are sound, and it tells you what real money is.  All we need to do is listen to the free market, and we can return to an economy of real prosperity.


The Insanity of the Federal Reserve

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Well, we’re in Japanese territory now.  Interest rates are now between .25% and zero, and this particular interest rate is what banks pay in order to borrow money from the Federal Reserve.  Now banks can get the cheapest money they’ve ever seen in this country, and the real problems the economy faces have yet again been ignored.  Ben Bernanke thinks he needs to give cheap money to banks so they’ll start lending again so Americans will start spending again.  What does that solve?  Nothing!  If we keep on spending borrowed money we’ll continue our spiral into oblivion.  But even Bernanke has doubts about his interest rate cut, this from the “Economists View” blog: “Ben Bernanke does not expect further interest cuts to have much of an impact on the economy, so they will have to rely upon other policy tools”.  Yes, there are other “tools” he can use, but they are even more interventionist than setting artificial interest rates.  The more the government intervenes in the economy, the longer the correction will take.  My fear is that the government will intervene more and more, until there is no chance for us to transform our economy into one that produces and exports products, instead of just consuming products with borrowed money.

The Forbidden Subject On Capital Hill

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For the past three months, all the headlines in the news are about the economy and the bailouts.  We see snippets on the news of our senators and representatives talking about how much these bailouts should be, or if we should have a bailout at all.   Nobody, except one that I know of and maybe a couple of others, even mention what the Constitution has to say on the matter.  You see, the Constitution is the forbidden subject on Capital Hill.  Nobody likes to talk about it because it is the one thing that restrains our government and keeps it from doing things that are detrimental to the well being of Americans.  The last thing a government wants to hear is, “you can’t do that”, and that’s what the Constitution essentially does.  The Constitution lists the powers of Congress, and nowhere in that list is the power of Congress to centrally plan the economy by bailing out a large corporation when a failure occurs.  The questions “how much should we give them” or “should we give them anything” are not the right questions for Congress to ask.  The ONLY question they should ask is, “Does the Constitution grant us the power to do this?”.

In Lincoln’s Image

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Illinois is famous for its corrupt politicians; we need look no further than the current headlines pertaining to their governor.  And God help us all, Obama is from Illinois.  Of course, he could surprise us all and be the most honest and forthright president we’ve ever had, but that’s not likely.  Obama has surrounded himself with Clintonites, some of which already have their hands dirty from the massacre in Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing coverup.  Obama is also a socialist and an outspoken advocate for a strong central government.  Both of these ideals require corruption, due to the fact that the Constitution is preventative of socialism and a strong central government.  While comparisons have been made between Obama and FDR, Obama himself has been far more willing to invite comparisons of himself and Lincoln.  This is quite disturbing, because Lincoln was perhaps the most glaring example of how NOT to operate as president.  Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, engaged the South without a war declaration, jailed the Maryland legislature, shut down newspapers in the North that were critical of his war, conscripted soldiers, opposed a constitutional amendment that would have ended slavery, and crafted the Emancipation Proclamation in such a way that it would not free a single slave.  Yet the myth of Lincoln as “Honest Abe” persists, even in the face of the facts.  Likewise, the myth of Obama has glossed over the dull cow eyes of those who voted for him.  He received their worship and praise even though the man hardly had a record, and we barely knew anything about him.  Has has been truly cast in Lincoln’s image, and surely we will erect a monument to him even after he has put us through whatever acts of tyranny he is surely already contemplating.  Remember, the government controls what is put in the textbooks, and even though we’ll know the truth at the present time, history can be whitewashed with alarming efficiency.

Tyranny from the Treasury

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The Big Three auto bailout passed in the House, but died in the Senate.  Over night, the executive branch under George W. Bush decided to formulate a plan to take action on their own.  Since they didn’t like what happened in the legislative branch, they have decided to try and use some of the funds from the TARP bailout passed several weeks ago.  George W. Bush and his administration have proven once again that they are nothing but socialists who believe central planning is the only way to run an economy.  In Bush’s feeble mind, the free market cannot possibly be trusted and market corrections cannot be allowed to take place.  I think alot of what Bush is doing now can be attributed to what he wants his legacy to be.  He doesn’t want to be known as the president who allowed the Big Three to go down and cause millions more to lose their jobs.  That’s all well and good, but the problem here is that the Constitution doesn’t give the executive branch the power to centrally plan the economy.  But the Constitution hasn’t exactly stopped Bush from doing stupid and bad things before, so why should it now?

Morons In Washington

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I turned on the evening news and saw a story about bailout thug Neel Kashkari being grilled in front of Congress about the way bailout funds are being used. Those morons acted like they were surprised that the funds haven’t been used the way they were supposed to be used. Let me get this straight: the former ceo of Goldman Sachs gains dictatorial power to bailout his Wall Street buddies, then he puts one of his buddies from GS in charge of handing out the cash and handling “oversight” of everything. Ha! Like we didn’t see this coming! Ladies and gentlemen, you have now been introduced to a textbook example of moral hazard. Now that these failing Wall Streeters are insulated from because of bailout money, they will behave differently than they would if they had to take responsibility for their actions. Duh!

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