All Hail Obama, Our God-King-Messiah

Yes, tomorrow is the all important corronation of our new King, Ruler, Potentate, Messiah…just insert your favorite hoighty toighty word here, because it all seems to describe Barack Obama these days.  The MSM is like a bunch of school girls seeing the Beatles for the first time.  Oh, it’s just so grand.  These people who are so head over heels for Obama don’t realize the tyranny their god will bring upon them.  Today, Obama showed some of his un-American thinking when he picked up a paint roller and helped paint a house.  He said, ““We can’t allow any idle hands,” he said. “Everybody’s got to be involved.”  I think the Liberty Papers blog sums up my thinking on this quite well:  “I don’t know about you, but the idea of the government deciding who has “idle hands” and then forcing them to “be involved” terrifies me.”  Every time Obama opens his mouth, he just confirms yet again that he is a socialist and that he hates individual freedom.  The hype surrounding this man is sickening and frightening at the same time.  Someone who is so well loved by the people can get away with alot of tyranny before those people turn on him.  Of course, by the time they turn on him he will have so much power it won’t matter what the people want.  It almost doesn’t matter now.

Obama will put his hand on a Bible tomorrow and he will swear to uphold the Constitution, but he will be one of the greatest enemies of the Constitution instead.  What’s worse, the House and Senate will enable him and the Supreme Court will more or less let things slide.  We will get a New New Deal, but it will turn out to be a Raw Raw Deal.


2 Responses to “All Hail Obama, Our God-King-Messiah”

  1. Daniel Shelton Says:

    The blog of “Against Tyranny” was written by a white trash male who watches Fox News everyday and thus he believes that he knows how the economy works. He writes his blog for everyone because he thinks that he knows what to do and that people need his opinion. This blog should not be read by anyone that has any common sense or isn’t completely terrified by the world we live in. The writer uses information from the news in a very formal way which would give the impression that the writer knows something about something. The blog is organized in a chronological order to coincide with real events that the writer is feels slighted by and he does include youtube clips of press conferences. The writer is trying to convey the message that the government is run by a group of people who are clueless on how to actually run the country and that they should listen to him to run it right. The writer only gives what he believes and refuses to believe anything else. You should only be skeptical about this blog because the writer refuses to believe anything that will contradict what he has to say.

  2. enemyoftyranny Says:


    I don’t even have Fox News, and I am not white trash. Perhaps you could try posting a comment that is not full of assumptions, and thereby not make such a fool of yourself. If you disagree with anything I’ve said, perhaps we could debate it point by point. I look forward to your reply.

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