Tyranny from the Treasury

The Big Three auto bailout passed in the House, but died in the Senate.  Over night, the executive branch under George W. Bush decided to formulate a plan to take action on their own.  Since they didn’t like what happened in the legislative branch, they have decided to try and use some of the funds from the TARP bailout passed several weeks ago.  George W. Bush and his administration have proven once again that they are nothing but socialists who believe central planning is the only way to run an economy.  In Bush’s feeble mind, the free market cannot possibly be trusted and market corrections cannot be allowed to take place.  I think alot of what Bush is doing now can be attributed to what he wants his legacy to be.  He doesn’t want to be known as the president who allowed the Big Three to go down and cause millions more to lose their jobs.  That’s all well and good, but the problem here is that the Constitution doesn’t give the executive branch the power to centrally plan the economy.  But the Constitution hasn’t exactly stopped Bush from doing stupid and bad things before, so why should it now?


One Response to “Tyranny from the Treasury”

  1. You’re right…..executive orders are not Constitutional…and well…illegal. Except….we’ve have loads of them passed over the past few decades….and of course some Obama has said he will reenact once he takes office. I think I am missing something. If this is unconstitutional….why hasn’t our legislative branch done something about it? Why don’t the step up and mention to these people that there are checks and balances for a reason.

    I digress.

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